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Wish.List Colours Your Spring

15 Apr

Once upon a time before my career in PR and Event Planning this Martha fancied herself a merchandiser. So when a client mentioned they were looking for someone to help with their window displays I jumped at the opportunity.

photo 1

Wish.List Boutique is a fabulous Kitsilano boutique that specializes in great beauty, make-up, jewellery, handbag, and gifts. I can never walk out of the store without a new bangle, butter polish, or lip balm!

For the spring window concept we were drawn to colour! Who wouldn’t be after a long, grey Vancouver winter! With cupboards full of hankypanky pastel and neon prints we brought the laundry line inside and invited Vancouverites to Colour Your Spring! Next time you are at 2811 West Broadway take a peek and let me know what you think!