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Chair Re-Upholstrey 101

3 Feb

This is one of my all time favourite martha tips. I credit Sarah Richardson for my obsession with fabric and re-upholstering old finds to bring them back to life. I remember watching episode after episode of ‘Sarah’s House‘ on HGTV and vowing to never be afraid to play with fabrics!

So when we needed new dining chairs for our urban (READ – small) dining area going new and shiny just wasn’t an option. One trip to Sellution on Main we foraged 4 teak chairs for the 70’s. Yes the fabric was hideous but the frame and bones of the sought after wood variety were ones that I couldn’t pass up.

Here is my step by step guide so you too can take old fabric chairs and make them new at a fraction of the cost the mid century modern trend would cost in store.

For starters here’s what you will need for this project:

materials needed

1. Enough fabric to cover all of your chairs

2. A heavy duty staple gun fully loaded. Probably a good idea to have extra staples as well

3. Scissors to cut fabric

4. A measuring tape. Remember – measure twice, cut once!

5. Pliers and a wrench in order to take apart fabric and chair legs

Step 1: Using your wrench unscrew the bolts that hold the frame together until you can remove the seat potion of the chair.

chair deconstructed

Step 2: Using your pliers and a little bit of elbow grease remove the old staples and fabric. Try and remove as many of the old staples you can without wrecking the wood or stuffing.

Step 3: Take your fabric and lay it out on a flat large surface. Please the naked cushion on top and cut a square piece of the fabric large enough wrap tightly around each side of the cushion.

Step 4: Starting at one end of the cushion fold up the fabric to wrap around to underneath the cushion. Staple in place and continue this until the new fabric is tightly secured into place.

Step 5: Using the wrench re-assember the back and legs of the chair frame.

Follow the steps above to complete the other chairs in your set.