Why Move Over Martha?

Because the world needs a little more cutting, gluing, sewing, threading, cooking, and pretty things to look at!

sewing ladies

Head Martha – Andrea

I started Move Over Martha in December 2012. A PR/Event pro as my day job I secretly live for the little touches, baubles and extra somethings I get to add to events for friends, my home, and personal belongings. (shhh…don’t tell my clients!)

The name, Move Over Martha, started as a joke when I was helping a friend plan her wedding. I was showing her the secrets to the church of crafting – Michaels, and armed with 40% off coupons we perused the aisles looking for DIY wedding decor inspiration. While walking through the expensive Martha Stewart collections section I said, “move over martha, you crafty b**ch!”. The bride loved it and I thought – yah that’s pretty funny.

Hopefully I provide a small amount of inspiration your way, so we can all get our Martha on together! And lastly my disclaimer and moment to honour – Julia, Martha, and the millions of mom’s rocking knitting needles out there… thank you for your inspiration!


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